Butter Sprinkles




Sketch, Food, Glaze

What does a Butter-Sprinkle taste like? The only way to answer the question is to give it a try. Everyone enjoys different flavors, which is why everything at the Sunrise Bread-basket is available to taste. We want our guests to end their visit with a smile and the confidence that anything purchased is exceptional. Show us your butter-face! Chad is named after his grandfather, Chad, who taught him a love for great food. From the Butterist tradition, he also taught him the importance of sharing butter with friends and family. As a child, his favorite part of the meal was butter. Growing up in a small town, cooking was not something a lot of men did. His grandfather was the exception. While his grandmother was a great cook, it was always Chad’s kitchen. Special thanks to “Lee Rosevere” at FMA for use of the song “Song Before Sunrise”